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Ramblings of Faith and Experiences

Open minds only. Harsh criticisms will not be tolerated.

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Journal Layout: By sugarbones.
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I'm a 25 year old Canadian. I'm female, and also known in LJ land as "callwolf". I love art of all forms, I am constantly reading (namely Charles de Lint and the classics) and writing. I have an interest in the supernatural and folklore. I cannot live without music, especially Sarah Harmer, Neko Case, A Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, David Usher and Moist. I am currently working for a manufacturing firm. I am a grad from Carleton University in the Humanities.

This journal is dedicated to my thoughts and ramblings to do with my faith, my beliefs and my experiences at bettering myself. I am a self-proclaimed pagan, and am highly spiritual. Most posts here will reflect that. I am extremely openminded and curious. I enjoy talking out my thoughts. If any of these concepts or beliefs offend you in anyway, please go elsewhere. Negative criticism and other asshole-isms will not be tolerated at all, so if you plan on sticking around, please keep your comments positive and constructive. I am sensitive when it comes to my faith, so I will be touchy about certain things.

Some posts will be friends-only due to more sensitive issues. If you are interested in having access to these posts, please email me and I will add you.

Those who are only interested in my day to day happenings, please stop by CallWolf, at it is now my public general journal. Enjoy!

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