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Wake Up Call

I went to me best friend Sarah's shower this weekend and had a lovely time. I was running seriously behind that morning, so I threw on a few pieces which I thought were flattering. Unfortunately, seeing the pictures now, I looked so very pregnant. I'm on the left.

This, for me, is sort of a wake up call. Putting off working out, putting off eating right, it's showing very clearly on my body. I have never in my life looked this bad. I am back up to my biggest weight, and I am seriously depressed.

I have to be proactive in this. I can't expect change and results if I don't make a real effort.

I want to get back to this:

It's funny, but I hated that picture when Nathan took it. I thought it made me look fat. Who would have thought that today, it would be a goal.

Tonight, I'm going to the gym. I need to get back in to this.
Tags: body, fitness, goals
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