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Ramblings of Faith and Experiences [entries|friends|calendar]

How deep in the valley must you go; to find what your footsteps already know. The way on is the way out; There are signs to follow; There is deep in the valley; And I’m bound to go.

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Recent Dream Visitors. [Wed 3 Mar @ 11:26pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Lately, a few animals have been repeatedly popping up in my dreams, so I figured I should look into them a bit.

Groundhog: Mystery of death without dying/trance/dreams. Ability to get deep into within an area of interst. New study about to open up. 2 years for things to come to fruition. Signals of the boundaries in your life are important. Hibernation and the opening to dream time. Dreams more significant.
Hippo: Intuitive knowing. Practicallity and stability. Able to see beneath the surface. Proper use of aggression, Ability to move gracefully through emotions, Mother-fury when necessary, Birth of new ideas, Protection of family
Elephant: Great teachers and masters, fertility, wisdom, success, ancient power, sexual power, strength, pay attention to scents. Family.
Snakes: Rebirth, resurrection, initiation and wisdom. Transformation and healing. sexual and creative life force. kundalini, transition, sensitive to the auras of others. Learning. Sense of smell.

Main Focus
Rabbit: Associated with Hecate and the moon. Hopping in ones endeavors. Unknowingly leading into the faery world. Symbol for sexuality and fertility. Generally means cycles of 28 starting in your life. Planning for possibilities. Check plans. Do not box self in corner. Do not foreshadow your plans. Recognizing signs around you. Facing fears and turning weakness into strength. From a website: If you see Rabbit or in any way feel attracted to him, it may be telling you to wait for the forces of the universe to start moving again, to stop worrying and to get rid of your fears. It always indicates a need to re-evaluate the process you are undergoing, to rid yourself of any negative feelings or barriers, and to be more humble.

Hrm. Things to consider to be sure

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Readings [Thu 26 Nov @ 9:53pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

After talking with Lisa Marie the other day, it occurred to me that I hadn't done a reading in a while. At least a couple of weeks. With my ever changing situation with employment, I figured it was time to pull out the decks again. I'm going to do a general reading, with a card deck, and then a work related reading with my Art Nouveau deck.

General CartomancyCollapse )
Well, that was pretty clear. From what I can figure, Pat is headed towards success with his new job and new certification in Java. Meanwhile, I've had trouble at work, but it's nothing that some thinking and some spellwork can't fix :)

Work ReadingCollapse )

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Tarot Reading and Negativity [Sat 5 Sep @ 1:58pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey peeps,

It's been a long time. I have been so out of it lately. This funk has really got me down. I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm finding myself knee deep in negativity. I have a friend who is hopefully going to help me out with a cleansing ceremony to help clean some of this stuff out. I feel so weighed down.

In the mean time, I've been trying to start The Artist Way again, but I keep...forgetting about it? Being too busy? I don't know. Coming up with any and every reason not to do the morning pages. I'm really going to try, but it's hard. I guess that's kind of the point.

So, the other day, during the full moon, I did two tarot readings. One, what I need to do to get my career going, and two, how to handle this negativity and where do I go, spiritually, from here.

I am confused by a couple points, so some feedback is really appreciated and welcome.

Career Paths
The fool spread
Sept 2/09

1. Me, in this situation, in the present: Knight of Coins
Useful person, competent, mature, stable, practical, application of talent and potential, hard worker, goals, beginning a new stage of work, career development, careful preparation, consistent effort made. Auspicious event on the horizon, learning through apprenticeship, new eyes, carrying jobs with determination and focus.

2. What I've relied on in the past: Chariot R
Inaction, impatience, collapse of plans, unrealistic, incomplete work. Ok, so is this what I've done in the past? What I need to overcome?

3. Risks I need to take to move forward Page of Cups
Inspiration, creativity, invitation or offer coming, new plans, trustworthy person, new talent put to practical use, results in serenity and happiness, new relationships, new phase. Intention determined and linked with planning for emotional change, emotional realizations, perceptions, awareness, new social contacts, period of withdrawal for introspection.

4. Fears, which can be real or imaginary, grounded in the reason of the situation or founded in panic.: 4 of Wands R
Small reward, disorganization, work dissatisfaction, delays, falling out of love with your choices, disruptions at home.

5. The unknown, what you have to gain, the learning you will come by, the experience and maturity that can be had, the life you can be living 9 of Swords R
Oppressed by troubles, opposition to ideas raises self-doubt, impaired communication


Ace of Swords R Obstacles, inaction, embarrassment, tyranny, hindrance, plans delayed.

What does that mean? Any ideas?

6. Advice Temperance
Need for harmony of the rational and the intuitive, blending of ideas, inspiration,

Negativity and Spirituality
My own spread
Sept 2/09

1. Current Situation The Empress R. NOTE: This is a card that I have associated with myself, along with the Q of Swords.
Potential unrecognized, slowed progress, vacillation, blocked creativity NOTE: Blocked Creativity makes me think about my stalling on The Artist's Way

2. Obstacles 10 of Swords
Moving on from hard times, a finality, ability to succeed, tested and surmounted after fear of failure, courage and willpower needed for improvement, extreme change, learning from lessons, accepting that the worst is over, fresh start, new assessment, exhaustion, sadness, able to finish a difficult task.

3. What I should focus on Wheel of Fortune R
Short-term successes, the small thing, new goals replace old ones.

4. Hidden forces at work 3 of Cups, R
Excesses, over indulgence, unappreciated, prestige diminished. Huh? What do you make of this?

5. Emerging forces Knight of Coins R (Note: same card as last reading, but reversed)
Recklessness, foolhardy, moving too quickly, complacent, idleness.

6. Advice The Sun
Achievement, cultivated results, life-giving energy of the sun, happiness from material and physical well-being, results come from hard work, satisfaction of a job well done, growth, children, new beginnings, marriage.

7. Results Knight of Cups, R
Deception, unworkable ideas, opportunistic person, conniving, sly, fraud, schemes, swindler.

Ok, so there you have it. I'd love to hear what you think.

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[Sat 1 Aug @ 11:20pm]
Using my Shakespeare deck.

King of Coins: Well thought out quests. stability, practical, intelligent, does not act out of passion. Focused.

Lady of the Chalics, R: Suggests unpleasant news, someone who is weak, overly sensitive, deceptive, ingratiating, afraid to love, needs constant reassurance of another's affection, obstacles or distractions.

The Tower: Dramatic upheaval that turns everything on its head, disruption can be sudden and shocking, may be a much needed wake up call, a clean sweep of old routines, destruction of the protective shell, opportunity to shift towards something more positive, need to start over.

5 of Quills "I summon up remembrance of things past" Sonnet XXX: Lost friendship. Pain of loss is palpable and unrelieved. Nostaglia for unrecoverable time that has been waster and a tendency to dedge up past occurrences in light of present situations. Thinking is fragmented, only remembering bits and pieces, disconnected. Confront circumstances honestly in order to move on. A trial. It's a no-win, examine your own best interests, motives and loyalties.


Lady of the Chalices, R again.
Queen of Scepters, R. Narcissism, isolation, selfishness. Someone is procrastinating, weak-willed, directionless, hysterical, unpredictable, scattered. OR, may mean a tempermental domineering crual woman or an ambitious schemer.
8 of Scepters, R. "All things be ready if our minds be so" Henry V.: Too much action with too little thought, wasting energy, communications gone awry, obstacles.
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Wake Up Call [Tue 30 Jun @ 7:41am]
[ mood | upset ]

I went to me best friend Sarah's shower this weekend and had a lovely time. I was running seriously behind that morning, so I threw on a few pieces which I thought were flattering. Unfortunately, seeing the pictures now, I looked so very pregnant. I'm on the left.

This, for me, is sort of a wake up call. Putting off working out, putting off eating right, it's showing very clearly on my body. I have never in my life looked this bad. I am back up to my biggest weight, and I am seriously depressed.

I have to be proactive in this. I can't expect change and results if I don't make a real effort.

I want to get back to this:

It's funny, but I hated that picture when Nathan took it. I thought it made me look fat. Who would have thought that today, it would be a goal.

Tonight, I'm going to the gym. I need to get back in to this.

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