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After talking with Lisa Marie the other day, it occurred to me that I hadn't done a reading in a while. At least a couple of weeks. With my ever changing situation with employment, I figured it was time to pull out the decks again. I'm going to do a general reading, with a card deck, and then a work related reading with my Art Nouveau deck.

10 Hearts: Emotional security, pleasant and stale family life, marriage, the spouse, happiness.
K Clubs: A man of darker colouring, practical man, work-oriented.
So far, thinking this is Pat, what with him working about 6 days a week, and him being my fiance
2 of Hearts: Love, relationship, marriage. The arts, dancing, harmony.

6 of Clubs: Business trip, education, learning, teaching, steps towards a business goal
10 Diamonds: Financial independence, success in general
4 Diamonds: Financial security, certificate, an official document

Q of Hearts: (Me)
7 of Clubs: Trouble at work, the ability to change things with magic, a spell, the power of chance and happenstance.
8 of hearts: A social group, could be a wedding, emotional thoughts.

Well, that was pretty clear. From what I can figure, Pat is headed towards success with his new job and new certification in Java. Meanwhile, I've had trouble at work, but it's nothing that some thinking and some spellwork can't fix :)

3 of S: Striking out a new path, heartache
Ace of Wands, R: Career delays, stagnation, plans canceled, burdens postpone decisions.
4 of Swords R: Discretion needed, enforced seclusion, excluded from former associates, care in renewed activity, taking precautions.
Q o Swords R (my card, reversed)

Present Situation: The Devil: Decisions, powerful forces, following inclination, potential unleashed, conquering obstacles
Obstacles: The Tower: Self-deception, isolation, ineffective communication
Goal: King of Pentacles R: Useful practical person, reliable, responsible, beginning new stage of work, career development.
Distant Past Influences: 8 of Pen R. Lack of ambition, vanity, conceit, need care with money, all talk no action
Recent Influences: 4 of pen R. Materialism, greed, pent-up creative energies, gain from a loss, delays, uncertainties, fortunes reversed, blockage in financial endeavors
Future Influences: Knave of Sw R. Unfinished projects, lack of preparation, taking shortcuts, obstruction to learning, unforeseen events, change of plans

Me in this situation: 6 of Wands. Victory card. Good news, recognition, gains, self-expression.
Environmental influences: King of Cups R Self-promotion, obstructionist, immobility, changeable, craft, self-serving.
Fears/Desires: 6 of Pentacles. Generosity, gift or money coming, sharing talent.
Result: 5 of pentacles. A dormant time. Unexpected expenses. Temp. material instability, negative trend reversed in time, feeling isolated, obstacles, worries, bound by restrictions.
Advice: 2 of Wands. Huge decision made with lots of thought and deliberation. Success when a venture is carried out with boldness and confidence. Heed good advice. Beginning studies to work towards a goal.
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